The Grove

The Concert hall by Liz Evans

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The Grove is a Victorian Gothic town mansion in the heart of Great Malvern at the foot of the Malvern Hills. Designed and built in 1867 by E.W Elmslie, more famously the architect for Great Malvern Railway Station and the Imperial Hotel, now Malvern St. James Girls College. Elmslie intended The Grove for himself but was called to London to build churches and sold it to a Dr. Weir.

The Weir family added a billiards room, ‘the concert hall’, and lived in the house until it was sold to be part of the Lawnside Girls School in 1927. Edward Elgar and Sir George Bernard Shaw were regular visitors and both performed from the stage before the school closed in 1994.

In December 1995 Philip Price broke in and ‘squatted’ the property, to protect it from potential intruders, whilst waiting for ‘completion’ of his purchase on September 1st, which just happens to be Julia’s Birthday, 1996. Julia Palmer came to an All Hallows Eve Party in the house in 1999 and then to Nigel Kennedy’s Millenium Party after which she never left. Together Philip and Julia continue to host a variety of events including their own wedding and the births of their two children Aletéa and Harry.